Rafaela Schleifer
Rafaela Schleifer
International Mobility Lead
Air Products

Rafaela Schleifer is a seasoned International Mobility Lead in the EMEA region for Air Products, where she spearheads the oversight of Global Mobility, Expat Tax, and Immigration programs. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of cross-border regulations, Rafaela also manages the global relationship with Tax and Immigration vendors, ensuring seamless and compliant operations for the organization. With a solid legal background and a Master's Degree in Tax Law, Rafaela brings over 15 years of expertise in Global Mobility compliance and tax advisory to her role. Having held managerial positions in Brazil and the UK, she has firsthand experience as an expatriate, providing her with unique insights into the challenges and opportunities of international assignments.

Prior to her current role, Rafaela honed her skills at top consultancy and external audit firms such as PwC and EY, where she provided strategic support to global corporate clients across the globe, fostering a deep understanding of industry best practices and compliance standards. Rafaela is known for her passion as a global mobility professional who excels in building lasting relationships, connecting with people, and partnering with businesses to deliver impactful results through collaboration. She is driven by a commitment to enhancing the employee experience during international assignments and is dedicated to navigating the complex landscape of global mobility with precision and empathy.

In addition to her professional endeavours, Rafaela actively contributes to the global mobility community, where she shares her insights and best practices, contributing to the advancement of the field and fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous improvement. With her combination of legal expertise, extensive industry experience, and a genuine passion for fostering collaboration, Rafaela continues to be a respected leader and a driving force in the global mobility arena.

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