Panel Discussion: International Employment Essentials for 2024 and Beyond


Panel discussion Opal Room

Research shows that having people of different backgrounds and experiences in an organization fosters creativity and innovation, but how can Global Mobility help to cultivate this in an increasingly complex and fast-changing world of government regulation?

• In a climate of increasing anti-immigration feeling, how can business attract and retain right talent from all parts of Europe and beyond?

• What is the latest thinking on the movement of people in Europe – and what do you need to be aware of in terms of tax, immigration and social security compliance?

• What does the digitisation of tax and immigration systems and new technology mean for mobility?

• How can you track your employees yet manage their privacy and keep their data safe?

• How can global mobility prepare for future change and turn challenges to advantage?

• What kind of health and security risks are your organization's employees exposed to an could these translate into reputational risks? 

Head of Business Development
HR - Senior Manager, International Mobility
PVH (Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein)
International Mobility Lead
Air Products
Claeys & Engels, the Belgian member firm of Ius Laboris