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Round Table 1:

Navigating the Dutch housing market

Hosted by:

Speakers: Christiaan van Veen, Key account manager, Anywr Netherlands & Irene Bunt , Country manager, Anywr Netherlands

Description: The Dutch housing market has become exceedingly difficult. There is far too few supply for far too much demand. Due to governmental measures many rental properties are being sold, leading to even more problems. In this session we will explore the current situation and look for solutions.

Round Table 2:

Integrating High-Touch Personal Support with Advanced Technology: The Future of Seamless Employee Relocation Experiences

Hosted by:  

Speakers: Beth Neilson, Client Development EMEA, Benivo & Tom Pinfield-Wells , Client Success Manager Benivo

Description: In the realm of global mobility, the challenge of providing a personalized, supportive experience for relocating employees while also leveraging the efficiency and scalability of technology is a pressing concern. As organizations strive to ensure smooth transitions for their staff, the need to balance human interaction with innovative digital solutions becomes increasingly important. This discussion topic invites global mobility professionals, HR leaders, and relocation consultants to explore the synergies between personalized, high-touch support and cutting-edge technology. Participants can share insights on how to maintain the human element in relocation services, ensuring that employees feel valued and supported, by unlocking superpowers with AI & GPT to eliminate manual work and free up more time for consultative work. Key points for discussion could include: - Best practices for integrating personal support with digital platforms to address the unique needs of each relocating employee. - Strategies for maintaining clear communication and empathy through technology without losing the personal touch. - Case studies demonstrating the successful integration of high-touch support with high-tech solutions in the relocation industry. - The role of technology in facilitating cultural adaptation and community integration for employees moving to new environments. - How to measure the impact of combining personalized support with technology on employee satisfaction and retention during relocations. This topic encourages a holistic view of the relocation process, recognizing that while technology can provide efficiency and accessibility, the human aspect of support is irreplaceable in ensuring a positive experience for the employee.

Round Table 3:

Enhancing Your Mobility Programme with Experience Management Data

Hosted by:  

Speakers: Andy Hawtin Vice President, Business Development EMEA, Altair Global & Esmee Mos Vice President, Netherlands, Altair Global

Description: There are many reasons why you may want to enhance or transform your mobility programme. Cost containment, streamlining processes, reducing complexity, aiding talent strategy, promoting location-based preferences. But are you prepared to do so with data-backed insights about your policies and mobile population? Learn how the use of experience management (XM) technology and data can validate policy change and benefit the customer experience.

Round Table 4:

What does it take to build an equal collaboration with your relocation company?

Hosted by:  

Speakers: Robert Fletcher, Co-Founder, Heart Relocation & Fariza Sbaa, Senior Global Mobility Advisor, MediaMonks

Desription: Did you know that the majority of companies (83% of our survey respondents) believe that working with a relocation company to improve their assignees experience and optimise their programme. Is it a surprise then that 90% believe that the collaboration is at best OK and a significant 30% believed that it made the programme worse? Where is the disconnect? What is your experience? Come join this roundtable and share your experience and discover some insights. Heart Relocation will share our newest White Paper which includes findings form our research project with Global Mobility HR professionals. Attendees will hear what Global Mobility HR shared about their relationships with relocation companies, examples of great collaboration as well as examples of where it all went wrong for some. We will share some of the key learnings that can help you improve your operational function, build meaningful relationships based on trust equality and transparency, as well as how optimising programmes with partners can reduce costs and improve value. Whether you outsource some or all of your programme this roundtable will provide essential insights in how to get the best customer experience and value for both you and your relocating employees.

Round Table 5:

Accelerating Business Impact: Strategies for Rapid Global Mobility Software Implementations and Proving ROI

Hosted by:  

Speakers: Rachel Riley, VP Global Client Success, Equus &  Oliver Trundley, CEO, Workia

Description: In today's fast-paced business landscape, the ability to swiftly deploy and integrate mobility solutions across borders is paramount. This session aims to explore proven strategies for expediting global mobility software implementations while emphasizing the crucial aspect of demonstrating Return on Investment (ROI).

Round Table 6:

Digital Frontiers: Navigating the impact of technology on people movement

Hosted by: 

Speakers: Jo Antoons (Partner) &  Wim Cocquyt (Director), Fragomen

Description: Europe‚Äôs borders are becoming smarter. Smarter borders allow for better tracking and monitoring of people movement, but also call for greater compliance. With Posted Worker legislation in place across the EU, ETA up and running in the UK for some countries, and ETIAS coming to the EU, how can companies be prepared? This session will look at the impact on both travellers and business and delve into strategies to ensure that both individuals and their employees can avoid the pitfalls of non-compliance.