Sponsored Case Study Roundtables (Corporates only)


Workshop Grand Ballroom

• Roundtable 1

What’s Your Problem? Managing Conflict in Global Mobility
Hosted by: Nick Belle, Independent Global Mobility Professional & Rob Fletcher, Co-founder, Heart Relocation

• Roundtable 2

What do “Employer of Record” and “Remote Work” Have in Common?
Hosted by: Friederike V. Ruch, CEO, Convinus & Dhaval Gore, Director, Partner Communities, G-P

• Roundtable 3

Creating Hybrid Mobility Strategies: Our Journey to Success
Hosted by: Maxime Boisnard, Founder and CEO, MRS Management with guests Patrick Harteveld, Head of Expatriate Management, and Lucie Modra, Expatriate Management Mobility Manager.

• Roundtable 4

Minimising Cost Through Strategic Talent Planning
Hosted by: Jo Antoons, Partner, & Margot Rikmanspoel, Senior Immigration Manager at Fragomen

• Roundtable 5

Automation for Cost Optimisation and ROI – Success Stories, and Your Challenges Explored
Hosted by: Thomas Coombs, Solutions Manager and Vicki Marsh, SVP Solutions Consulting at Equus Software

• Roundtable 6

How to Cost Contain Corporate Housing, Without Jeopardising an Excellent Assignee Experience
Hosted by: Jess Dunderdale, Head of Client Partnerships, AltoVita

• Roundtable 7

Global Mobility: The Key to the Talent Shortage

Hosted by: Valeria Morosini, Partner, Ius Laboris – Italy and Sylvie Dumortier, Partner, Ius Laboris – Belgium

Director, Partner Communities
Head of Client Partnerships
Expatriate Management Mobility Manager
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Fragomen, Amsterdam
Founder and CEO
MRS Management
Independent Global Mobility Professional
Head of Expatriate Management
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Heart Relocation
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Claeys & Engels, the Belgian member firm of Ius Laboris
Solutions Manager
Equus Software
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