Maria Bouwsma
Maria Bouwsma
Senior Global Mobility Manager
Liberty Global

Global Mobility has been part of my life from an early age until now. Having been an expat child I have had the joys of living in such countries as Tanzania, Honduras and Colombia before going through the repatriation journey back to the Netherlands in my teens. Professionally I have worked for Shell International and a Expat Shared Services Advisor and went on a short term assignment to Krakow, Poland. Followed by 8 years at Cargill learning the ins and outs of mobility for the Netherlands and helping set up the expat shared services in Sofia, Bulgaria in my later years. From there I had a wonderful time at EY helping various clients with processes, policies and support on the Global Mobility front, and then moving on to KPMG for a period of time. I finally have landed at Liberty Global and have been the Senior Global Mobility Manager for Liberty and enjoy it to the fullest.

My Sessions
Mobility Masterclass: Global Mobility Transformations: Adapting Our World to the New World
Workshop Grand Ballroom