Lana Huf-Germain
Lana Huf-Germain
Amsterdam Family Assistance / Movingto.NL

Lana helps families feel at home and get settled in Amsterdam. She is an expert when it comes to 24/7 Personal Assistance to relocating employees, with the focus on the settling in and feeling at home as soon as possible. This involves getting to know your neighbourhood, introducing to community programs and meetup groups, organize personalized home Dutch language classes for the whole family, and much more.

Amsterdam Family Assistance and Movingto.NL are very proud of being partners of Relocate The Profit, because we know from experience it takes a community to help build a community. Not only for the wonderful project we are supporting, but also for the community of relocators, destination service partners and other Global Mobility service partners.

We're all here to support each other!

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