Closing Panel Discussion: Employee Experience vs Value for the Business – Can Your Program Have It All?


Panel discussion Grand Ballroom

  • How can organizations address the altered expectations of employees – and how can you navigate the journey from ‘Work from Home’ to ‘Working Anywhere’? What are the compliance risks?
  • How can you manage cross-border commuters and business travel in the changed environment?
  • How can you achieve a unified company culture but embrace diversity, equality and inclusion?
  • How can you develop an agile strategy that balances ‘employee experience’ with the needs of the wider business?
  • Do you need to redesign your policies to fit the altered business environment – and what does this mean for COLA and compensation?
  • How can you address operational efficiency and evaluate your program to continuously improve

Head of Global Mobility - Regional Management
Global Mobility Specialist
Zuehlke Engineering
Head of International Mobility Department
NN Group
Senior immigration Programme Manager
Fragomen Global LLP
Claeys & Engels, the Belgian member firm of Ius Laboris